Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A couple in Iowa named Sam and Madison Waldron got married last month.  Now a video from their reception is going viral, because Sam’s autistic brother was the best man, and gave a great speech.

He talked about his social anxiety and said it was terrifying to be up in front of 170 people.  But then he talked for five straight minutes . . . cracked jokes . . . made people cry . . . and got a standing ovation.  (Here’s the full speech.)

2.  The website gives donated RVs to people who’ve lost their homes to natural disasters.  And in three years, they’ve given away about 100 RVs to wildfire victims, including a volunteer firefighter who just lost his own home in August.

3.  A 46-year-old guy in England ran into a burning apartment last week, and saved an 84-year-old woman, her son, AND their little dog.  Then seconds after he got them all out, the place exploded.

4.  The U.S. is donating another 500 million doses of the Pfizer vaccine to low-income countries to help end the pandemic.  The government struck a deal to get them at cost, so they’re heavily discounted.  Another 500 million doses were already being handed out, so this makes it a billion.  The goal is to have them all distributed within a year.