Good News: Dogs, Deer, and High School Heroes

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Two high schoolers near Detroit were honored after saving a teacher’s life back in March.  Gym teacher Alfred Kattola had a heart attack during a student-teacher basketball game.  But two juniors named Isreal DuBose and Correy Coleman did CPR and brought him back.

They did chest compressions and knew how to use an A.E.D. machine, because they learned it in school.  Both are planning to pursue careers in medicine.  Alfred said he wants to launch a GoFundMe to help cover their tuition.

2.  Here’s your next movie, Disney:  A dog and a deer were spotted walking around the city of Tipton, Iowa the other day, just enjoying each other’s company.  Police rounded them up to make sure they didn’t wander into traffic.  (Here are some photos.)

3.  The number of fish on the government’s overfishing list just hit an all-time low.  A new report found 94% of fish stocks aren’t being overfished anymore.  Snapper and mackerel both dropped off the list this year.