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Brent Rhodes

Born just down I-90 in Ritzville, I arrived in Moses Lake at the ripe old age of 4. Much to everyone’s surprise, I graduated HS in M.L and started my radio career right here on Q-Country as a teenager!  It’s pretty amazing looking back at the opportunity I had to learn from some of the legendary announcers that we’ve had grace the radio station through the years like Country Chuck, Steven B. Williams, Sammi Clapp, Bill Michaels and even the original station owner Gene Lawrence!

After some time away from the Columbia Basin, I returned home and have been back on KWIQ for a couple decades. These days I’m committed to serving the community through various volunteer opportunities and enjoy traveling with my wife, Holli. We’re that annoying couple you’ll see on Facebook posting photos in our swimsuits somewhere on a beach fairly regularly. I’m also a HUGE fan of live music of all sorts of genres. Sammy Hagar and Kenny Chesney are a couple of my favorite artists to go see, and I won’t miss the Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival each year.

Thanks for being part of the great ride over the years. I’ve appreciated making connections through this crazy, fun job I lucked into all those years ago. Shoot me a call or a text anytime here in the Q-Country studio at 765-6334. Email me at [email protected].