Good News: Marines Help a Motorist, a Big Adoption, and Cleaning the Air

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A group of Marines in their dress uniforms trudged through floodwaters near the Pentagon last Thursday to help a stranded motorist.  A torrential downpour had flooded a number of roads in the area, and the Marines pushed the car out.

In a video, a woman in the car says, “The Marines are going to help us?  . . . this is the most American thing ever.”  And in the comments, she added, “As an immigrant, we don’t usually see these things in the country I grew up in.”

2.  A couple in Cincinnati, Ohio named Karen and Tobias Thompson adopted two sets of twins in one day in order to keep siblings together while “spreading the love.”  They’re now the parents of two 14-year-olds and two 9-year-olds.

The two pairs are step-siblings.  Karen said, quote, “We had an empty house, an empty nest, and then we ended up with the four.”  (Here’s a video news report.)

3.  Mumbai, India has the world’s worst air pollution, and now a 23-year-old who grew up there is developing a way to capture the soot and other polluting particles in containers, so it can be turned into building tiles and other useful stuff.