As these continue to roll in, we’ll keep telling you about them.  Here are ten more inspiring stories we’ve seen during the outbreak . . .

1.  A guy in Milwaukee launched a GoFundMe for his birthday to raise money for local restaurants.  And in the first 18 hours, he raised over $16,000.

2.  More landlords around the country are cutting rent, or waiving it next month.  One guy in Milwaukee left a note on his tenants’ doorsteps that said he’s only charging them $100.  And if they don’t need help, he wants them to use the extra money to support local businesses.

3.  Thousands of people in New York have signed up to foster animals, so they don’t have to sit in shelters during the crisis.

4.  Here’s some proof that this is bringing us all closer together.  36% of people in a new survey said they’ve spoken to their loved ones more than usual these past two weeks.  And 64% of people agree it’s pulled their community together in a lot of ways.

5.  A couple in New York didn’t want to wait to get married.  So they stood on the street while a friend officiated from the WINDOW of his fourth-floor apartment.  A few other friends watched from a distance, or from their car.  (Here’s the video.)

6.  If this kid is willing to sacrifice, we should be too.  A 7-year-old in Maryland named Cavanaugh Bell took $600 he’d saved up from two birthdays and three Christmases.  And he used the money to hand out 31 hot meals and 65 care packages to seniors.

7.  With the various Disney parks closed, a family in Utah recreated the Pirates of the Caribbean ride in their house.  Now the video is going viral.

8.  Before things went on lockdown, a college volleyball team in Canada found out their graduation was canceled.  So the crew on their plane ride home did a makeshift graduation ceremony for them mid-flight.

9.  A couple in San Antonio had to cancel their wedding last-minute.  So they donated all their flowers to an assisted-living center.

10.  About 20 kids from a high school choir in California got together online to raise people’s spirits.  They sang an a capella version of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”, and posted the video to YouTube.