Good News: Chimney Cats, Deserted Islands, and Autism Acceptance Month

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  For Autism Acceptance Month, a station in Philadelphia did a story on a dad who’s installing special street signs across the city.  They say “Autistic Person Area” and anyone can request one online.  He says he’s installed around 80 of them in two months, and he’s got over 300 more requests he’s working on.

2.  Three fishermen in Micronesia were stranded on a tiny deserted island for over a week, and got rescued after spelling out the word “HELP” in the sand.  A U.S. Coast Guard plane out of Hawaii spotted it on Monday.  (Here’s a photo.)

(Three other guys got stranded on the same island in 2020 after their boat ran out of gas.  They got rescued after spelling out “SOS” in the sand.)

3.  Firefighters in London rescued a cat named Oreo that was stuck in a chimney for two days.  He ran up into it after he got spooked by the vacuum.