WWE Chairman VINCE MCMAHON is bringing back the XFL . . . the professional football league that crashed and burned after one season on NBC back in 2001.

At a press conference yesterday, he said he’s funding it ALL BY HIMSELF . . . with $100 MILLION he got from cashing in WWE stock last month.

If all goes according to plan, the XFL season will kick off in January of 2020, with 8 teams made up of 40 players each.  The cities haven’t been chosen yet.  They haven’t announced any media partners, either, but they plan to have a much bigger online, interactive component than the NFL.

McMahon promised a “shorter, faster-paced, family-friendly, and easier-to-understand” game.  Each game will only be TWO HOURS long.

McMahon wants to make it less “gimmicky” than the old XFL, which means you can kiss the sexy cheerleaders goodbye.

However, they MIGHT allow players to put nicknames on their jerseys again.  (Anyone remember Rod “He Hate Me” Smart?)

Player salaries have yet to be determined, but they’ll be paid more for WINNING.

This next point is huge . . . but it’s hard to believe they can actually follow through on it if they want to build quality rosters:  Supposedly, NO ONE WITH A CRIMINAL RECORD can play in the new XFL . . . not even a DUI.

This policy straight-up disqualifies JOHNNY MANZIEL, which is kind of awkward, because Johnny has already Tweeted at McMahon that he wants in.  (Some people are also criticizing this policy as RACIST.)

What about COLIN KAEPERNICK?  Well, McMahon said he doesn’t want players expressing social or political views on the field . . . quote, “We want someone who wants to take a knee to do their version of that on their personal time.”

He also said it would be “appropriate” to make players stand for the national anthem.  But when asked specifically about Kaepernick playing in the XFL, he said that would be fine, as long as he, quote, “abides by the rules as laid down.”

Obviously, TIM TEBOW sounds like a perfect candidate.  But he’d have to be GOOD ENOUGH to make it.  McMahon says there will be no stunt casting here . . . he wants quality players and legit competition.

With rules like no criminal records and no kneeling for the national anthem, it sounds a little like McMahon is pandering to his buddy PRESIDENT TRUMP.  But he said the league will have NOTHING to do with politics.

(Check out the full press conference here.  It stars with a promo for the new XFL that says it’ll be “safer”, and also promises “fewer infractions.”)