There are some incredible videos of the volcanic eruption in the South Pacific, and the tsunami waves that followed.  Here are a few that caught our eye . . .

This satellite imagery shows shockwaves AND the massive cloud of smoke rising from the ocean.  It’s about a two-hour timeline compressed down to 16 seconds.  (It was posted January 14th on the @BNONews Twitter.)

This video from SPACE gives you four different looks at the volcano exploding into view.  (Search for “Hunga Tonga Volcano Erupts Again, Triggers Tsunami – Seen From Space!“)



Here’s a clip from Tonga showing the tsunami coming ashore, ripping down a fence, and chasing cars down a road.  (It was posted January 14th on the Twitter page of @JTuisinu.  Here’s another clip of the tsunami coming ashore in Tonga.)

One volcanologist called it “possibly one of the larger explosive eruptions of the century.”  (That starts at 0:23.)





And even though there were tons of tsunami warnings on the West Coast to stay out of the water, surfers went in anyway.  At least two of them had to be rescued.  (Here’s a report from KPIX-TV in San Francisco . . . and a story in the “L.A. Times“.)



(This video has satellite color video of the eruption, plus of damage from the tsunami.  Here are some amazing ocean-level views of the erupting volcano.)