The YouTube channel News Be Funny posted a 13-minute montage of April’s Best News Bloopers.  As you’d expect, it’s dominated by reporters trying to deal with working from home.

Our favorites include the weather dude who looks like he’s not wearing pants because his bare leg is showing.  Turned out later he was wearing shorts.

There’s a reporter in her living room who doesn’t know everyone at home can see her hair catch fire from a candle . . . and another one who spends 45 seconds trying to get her kids to leave her alone so she can go live, even though she already is.

One reporter tries to do a report that includes her cat, but it won’t cooperate.  And the clip closes out with a BBC weather guy at home who does his sign-off, and then moves over to his drum set and starts playing along to the closing theme.

(Search for “Best News Bloopers April 2020.”  The bare leg guy is at 1:44 . . . the hair on fire is at 2:02 . . . the mom getting interrupted is at 4:05 . . . the cat won’t play along at 6:28 . . . and the drumming reporter is at 12:14.)