Every year, EA Sports runs a simulated Super Bowl on the latest edition of “Madden”.  And it’s been right 10 of the last 15 years.  And in 2015, the game not only correctly predicted a Patriots win over the Seahawks, but it also nailed the final score, 28-24.

But last year it was WRONG.  The simulation had the Patriots narrowly defeating the Eagles 24-to-20 . . . but the Eagles won 41-33.

This year, “Madden” predicts the Patriots will go up 17-3 at the half . . . but the Rams will storm back to win the game, by a score of 30-27.  It also predicts Rams defensive tackle Aaron Donald will be the MVP . . . after a record-breaking Super Bowl performance with four sacks.

For the past six years, the simulation has been right every other year, on the odd-numbered years.  That’s good news for the Rams.  For the record, New England is favored by 2.5, while the over-under on total number of points scored is 56.5.