School pictures are really fancy these days, and some photo companies use a GREEN SCREEN to make it look like the kids are sitting in a field of flowers . . . or in front of a farmyard fence.

And as you may know, green screen works well . . . as long as the subject ISN’T wearing green.  And there’s ONE DAY when a LOT of people are wearing green.

Parents of kids at an elementary school in Indiana just got their proofs from the school picture day, which was on St. Patrick’s Day.  A lot of the kids were wearing green . . . naturally.  And since the photographer was using green screen, those students looked PARTIALLY INVISIBLE.

The parents had a laugh sharing the proofs that they got on social media, and the local news did a story on it.  But the photos will NOT need to be re-taken.

The photo company, Inter-State Photography, says they wanted to get the early proofs to parents ASAP . . . before they put the finishing touches on them.  And they say the green screen issue CAN be fixed in post-production.

But one mom got such a kick out of it that she wants to see if she can get the UN-FIXED version.  (WTHR)