A woman from Arkansas named Samantha Snipes was in an abusive relationship about two years ago when she found out she was pregnant.

She was only 24, and wasn’t ready to have a kid yet.  Especially not with the guy she was with.  So she left him and decided to put the baby up for adoption.

Then she started talking to a guy she met playing “League of Legends” online, and decided to go visit him in North Carolina even though she was 8 months pregnant.

She ended up sitting next to a woman on her flight named Temple Phipps who was older than her.  And they became instant friends.  Their flight was only an hour long, but they exchanged numbers.  And Temple told her to call if she ever needed anything.

Three days after that, Samantha went into LABOR in North Carolina and gave birth to a healthy, six-pound boy.  And she asked Temple to come visit her in the hospital.

While she was there, Samantha just blurted out that maybe SHE should adopt the baby.  Temple had said on the plane that she’d always wanted kids, but the opportunity just never presented itself.  So she started crying . . . and said YES.

She named him Vaughn.  And now Samantha gets to see Vaughn all the time, because she moved to North Carolina to be with the“League of Legends” guy.  And she’s only about an hour away from where Temple lives.

(NY Post)