Two Muslim Groups Have Raised Over $175,000 for the Pittsburgh Shooting Victims’ Families

We’ve seen this happen after other tragedies and terrorist attacks, so it’s not just a one-time thing . . .

As you know, the shooting at a Jewish temple in Pittsburgh left 11 people dead on Saturday.  The gunman made his first appearance in court yesterday, and the whole thing is just awful.

But a few hours after the attack ended, two charities launched a fundraising campaign to raise money for the victims’ families.  And they’re both MUSLIM charities.

Now, obviously those two communities have a long and complicated history.  And that’s kind of the point of the fundraiser . . . to show that no matter what your religion is, we should all have each other’s backs.

They started out trying to raise $25,000, and hit that goal in about six hours.  And by this morning, it was up to over $185,000.  (You can check the current amount here.)

They’re accepting donations through next Tuesday, and there’s a link on the front page of the fundraising site,

All the money will go to cover any short-term needs the victims and their families have, like funeral expenses and medical bills.


(There’s also a separate GoFundMe campaign that’s raising even more money.)