This sounds like nonsense, but apparently there’s some science behind it.  According to a new study, taking your shoes off at your front door could help you lose WEIGHT.

It has to do with tiny chemical particles we come in contact with every day that mess with our hormones and promote fat growth in our tissues.

They’re called “obesogens.”  (Pronounced oh-BEASE-oh-gens. Seriously.) And they’re in everything from cleaning products and cosmetics, to processed food and even the DUST floating around your house.  And THAT’S why taking your shoes off matters.

The study found taking them off at the front door can make a big difference in how many obesogens you’re exposed to, because you don’t track as many into the house.

It’s not clear how much weight you could lose.  But some people think it could be one of the reasons we’ve collectively gotten bigger and bigger over the past few decades.

Other things you can do to reduce your exposure is to vacuum more often . . . avoid heating food up in plastic . . . use fewer synthetic cleaning products . . . and try to eat organic foods that haven’t been exposed to pesticides.

(Daily Mail)