A woman named Debra Davis has been a lunch lady for the San Diego Unified School District for 26 years.  And all the kids and teachers love her.

She also volunteers at nursing homes, and drives around San Diego handing out meals to the homeless.

But her old, beat-up car hasn’t always cooperated.  It’s a ’76 Chevy Malibu that always breaks down.  And she couldn’t afford to fix it after she got rear-ended recently.

But one of the public high schools in San Diego is the first school in the state working with something called the National Automotive Technician Education Foundation.

It teaches kids how to be mechanics in high school, so they can get a job as soon as they graduate.  And the school district partnered with State Farm Insurance recently, which donated a 2014 Mazda 3 for the kids to work on.

The car was covered in dents.  But they were able to remove them all, so it looks brand new again.  And on Monday, they surprised Debra by GIVING it to her.

Her reaction was pretty great, because she immediately started dancing.  Then she got emotional, and said it was the first time anyone’s ever done something like that for her.