Olympics Highlights: Two Silver Medals for the U.S., Plus a Brand New Snowboarding Event

We added a few more medals at the Winter Olympics in South Korea over the weekend.  But Norway took a commanding lead.  As of midnight last night, they had 26 medals.  And the U.S. was in 6th place with 10, including 5 gold.  (Check the updated medal standings here.)

We won’t spoil any of the events that happened overnight, but here are three quick highlights from earlier . . .

1.  American freestyle skier Nick Goepper took Silver in men’s slopestyle.  The only other American in that one was Gus Kenworthy, who finished 12th.

2.  Speedskater John-Henry Krueger also won Silver in the men’s 1,000 meters.  He missed Gold by just two-tenths of a second.

3.  A brand NEW Olympic event premiered yesterday.  “Big Air” snowboarding is kind of like ski jumping, where they just have to land one big jump.  But instead of going as far as possible, they do tricks.  It’s been in the X Games since the late ’90s.

The women’s Big Air qualifiers happened yesterday, and the finals are later this week.  The men get started tomorrow.