There’s an old cliché that people don’t change.  But apparently YOUR persuasive and hypnotic powers can overcome all that.

According to a new survey, nine out of ten people say they’ve, quote, “MADE IMPROVEMENTS” to their significant other.  In other words, there’s a damn good chance both you and your partner think you’ve changed each other.

The top five ways that we’ve changed them are:  Making them cleaner . . . helping their fashion sense . . . helping improve their diet and exercise habits . . . making them more ambitious and driven . . . and making them more upbeat and fun.

But . . . 64% of people say the job isn’t done yet, and there’s at least one other thing about their significant other that they still need to work on fixing.

Maybe that’s okay, though.  The survey also found 75% of men and 67% of women say they’re HAPPY with the ways their partner has changed them.

(New York Post)