Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A family from Australia was in the U.S. when the pandemic hit, and couldn’t get their dog home because of Australia’s rules on bringing pets back.  But after 136 days, they’ve finally been reunited.  And there’s a video of the dog going nuts.

2.  A Dollar General worker in San Antonio did a lemonade stand with his daughter, and raised $570 for a food bank.  And when Dollar General found out about it, they donated another $1,000 in his name.

3.  A company in Chile called Algramo has been working on a fleet of bike-powered delivery trucks that go around and let people refill their cleaning products.  Now they’re bringing them to New York City.

4.  Want a mask that makes you look like your pet?  An Etsy shop called “Dogs and Dorks” lets you upload a photo of your pet’s face, and they’ll print the lower half of it on a mask for you.  Each one costs $15, plus shipping.

5.  If you’re craving the outdoors, someone started a group called “Sounds of the Forest” where people upload nature sounds to SoundCloud from all over the world.  A group in the U.K. posted a map with all of the sounds.  You can check it out at