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More “Good News” Stories from the Coronavirus Outbreak

Here are a few more good news stories from the outbreak . . .

1.  A maskless drunk guy in Michigan screamed at a bartender, then apologized after the video went viral.  He ended up giving her $100 later on.  So she used it to launch a Facebook fundraiser that’s already brought in THOUSANDS for charity.

2.  Domino’s is giving away free pizzas to “Karens” in Australia who’ve been doing their part and wearing a mask.  The name of the campaign is “Calling All Karens.”  All they have to do is upload a photo ID, and explain why they’re one of the many “nice” Karens out there.  (We hear it’s caused some controversy on Twitter though.)

3.  A kid in Canada hadn’t seen his grandparents in seven months because his family moved away, then COVID hit.  He finally got to visit them this month after Canada relaxed its travel restrictions.  And he showed up at their door with flowers.

4.  The healthcare system in Kyrgyzstan has been totally overwhelmed, and there aren’t enough nurses to care for patients.  So volunteers stepped up to fill in, and they’ve done an amazing job.  One expert says they’ve already saved THOUSANDS of lives.

5.  A guy on YouTube is going viral after he used an aerosol can to show how well masks work.  He took some flammable starter fluid, and sprayed it at an open flame.  Without a mask in front of the can, it hit the flame and caused a fireball from six feet away.  But with a mask, it didn’t even happen from six INCHES away.  (Warning:  The video has some bleeped profanity.)

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