Good News: Vegetable Gardens, Long Walks, and a Real-Life Snoopy

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A woman in England named Carly Burd grows vegetables and gives them to people in need.  She’s fed over 1,600 people just in the last couple years.

But this week, she posted a TikTok of herself sobbing after someone poured SALT all over her garden, just to be mean.  It ruined the soil, so nothing can grow.

But here’s the good news:  People saw the video and stepped up in a big way.  Last year, Carly started a GoFundMe to raise $5,000, and donations exploded this week.  Last we checked, people had donated over 250 GRAND.

(The GoFundMe is called “A Meal on Me with Love“.)

2.  A dog that went missing on an island off the coast of Alaska just showed up in mainland Alaska . . . after walking across more than 150 miles of sea ice.

His name is Nanuq.  (nah-NOOK)  Someone posted photos after he showed up in a town called Wales.  It’s on the western tip of mainland Alaska.  He had a bitemark from an unknown animal, possibly a seal or polar bear.  But he’s okay.

His owners live on St. Lawrence Island, about 160 miles south.  A pilot who was headed there let him hitch a ride, and he’s back home now.  (Here’s a photo, and a video of his owners waiting for the plane.  The reunion happens at 10:45.)

3.  And speaking of dogs:  The internet just found the real-life Snoopy.  She’s a mini sheepadoodle named Bayley that looks exactly like the cartoon character.

Her owners posted a video of her for National Pet Day this week.  People online are going nuts.  (Here’s a photo.)