Good News: The Eagle That Thought a Rock Was an Egg Got a Real Baby

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Remember Murphy, the bald eagle at a sanctuary in Missouri that thought a rock was an egg?  He went viral a few weeks ago, and now there’s an update.  His rock never hatched . . . but he did get a baby.

He got so protective of the rock, he had to be moved to a different enclosure away from the other eagles.  And around the same time, someone brought in an eagle chick that got blown out of its nest by strong winds.

They put it in with Murphy, and he immediately took to it.  He’s been feeding it fish, and they say the two of them are “bonding beautifully.”  It’s the first time he’s ever been a dad.  (Here’s a video.)

2.  A 16-year-old in Texas was at a rock-climbing gym recently, when his heart stopped.  Paramedics did CPR for two hours before they finally called it.  But then five minutes later, he came back.  His parents are calling it a miracle.

3.  A kid in England wrote the cops a letter after his toy car got run over by a real car.  He claimed the person did it on purpose and asked them to “catch the bad guy.”  So a cop named Sophie Williams sent him a letter back.

She told him to remember there are more good people out there than bad.  And she used her own money to buy him a new car to replace the one he lost.

4.  A 71-year-old guy with Guillain-Barré syndrome was left almost totally paralyzed from it last year.  But he says music cured him.  (???)

His doctors wanted to see if music therapy could, quote, “open up his brain.”  He loves The Carpenters, so he started listening to them every night before bed, and trying his best to sing along.

His goal was to walk and talk again, and now he’s doing both.  He just wanted to walk through his front door, but he’s recently been walking two miles a day.  (Here’s one of The Carpenters’ biggest hits, “We’ve Only Just Begun“.)