Good News: Sunflowers, Salamanders, and Make-A-Wish

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  For people who don’t know how amazing the Make-A-Wish foundation is, they polled a bunch of kids and parents who’ve had wishes granted.  90% said it made things less traumatic . . . 80% said it gave them more strength to fight . . . and 90% of Make-A-Wish kids said it gave them hope.

2.  An elementary school in Georgia did something pretty great to support their custodian, who’s originally from Ukraine.  She came to work the other day, and all the walls were covered in drawings of sunflowers, which is Ukraine’s national flower.

3.  An elderly woman in Arkansas fell in a wooded area near her house last week and hurt herself.  And when police showed up, her dog was waiting by the road and led them straight to her.

4.  A city in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has been closing down a road every night . . . to make it easier for a group of salamanders to migrate.  The road will be closed from 8:00 at night until 8:00 in the morning every day until April 15th.

5.  The Gary Sinise Foundation just gave another veteran a new home, mortgage-free.  Retired Army Sergeant Christopher Kurtz lost his legs in Afghanistan after he was hit by an I.E.D.  So the whole house is wheelchair-friendly.  And bonus:  Chris and his wife also celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary the same day.