Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A family in Ohio threw out $25,000 last month but got it back.  They were cleaning out their grandmother’s house and tossed a bunch of old food that was in her freezer.  Then she said, “Hey, there’s an envelope with 25 GRAND in there.  Don’t lose that.”

By the time she told them, it was already in the back of a garbage truck.  But the driver hadn’t made it to the dump yet.  So ten workers started sifting through six tons of trash and found the envelope in ten minutes.

2.  There’s a TikTok video going viral of a mom picking her kid up from school.  And he immediately starts crying . . . because she’s surprising him by showing up with their dog that had been missing for a year.

3.  A woman near Vancouver used to make small talk with one of her neighbors when she walked by with her dog.  But now they’re a lot closer . . . because they just found out they’re half-sisters.  One of their nieces did an ancestry thing online and made the connection.  They both have the same dad . . . turns out he got around back in the day.

4.  Last month, a woman in Iowa posted a photo of her 30-year-old son who has Down syndrome, because he likes to check the mail every day to see if he got anything.  Then a guy on TikTok asked people to send cards.  So now he’s been getting HUNDREDS of letters and packages a day from people all over the world.