Good News: Parties, Traffic Jams, and Free Money

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A ten-mile stretch of Interstate 70 in Colorado got shut down for five hours on Saturday after a big rig jackknifed in the snow.  So a bluegrass band called Elk Range set up on the road and played music while people danced.  (Here’s the video.  Thankfully, the truck driver wasn’t hurt.)

2.  If you’ve got a big birthday or milestone coming up, throw a party.  A study found celebrations are good for our mental health and general well-being.  It just needs to have these three things:  Friends and family . . . food and drinks . . . and it should highlight an important milestone, not just be a random party.

3.  Do you ever get junk mail from a company called Valpak?  It’s usually a blue envelope with coupons in it.  Some people use them, most don’t.  But if you get one this month, maybe check inside before you throw it in the trash.  1,000 random envelopes will also have $10 cash inside.

4.  A woman in Florida was cleaning out her grandfather’s house after he passed away at 98, and found a tin box hidden in his fireplace with $4,000 in it.  She says her family knew he liked to hide money in different spots, but didn’t think it would be that much.  Now they’re using a metal detector to search his yard, and already found a bottle full of old coins.  (Here’s a video of her finding the tin.)