Good News: Jury Duty, Heroic Dads, and “Nextdoor” Neighbors

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A 69-year-old in Colorado named Shirley Bennet is happy she got called for jury duty last month, because it saved her life.  She was at the courthouse when she had a stroke and collapsed with no pulse.  But deputies were quickly able to do CPR.  She went back last week to thank them in person.

2.  A dad in Australia jumped in front of a snake to save his two-year-old daughter.  It bit his foot, but he got to a hospital and he’s okay.  He thinks it was an eastern brown snake, Australia’s deadliest type.  They’re venomous enough to kill small kids, and sometimes adults.

3.  A 44-year-old guy in England named Chris Place signed up for the app Nextdoor last year to look for yard sale type stuff.  And he ended up chatting with a 42-year-old woman named Michelle Tooby.

It turned out they lived right next door to each other . . . and had lived within a 10-minute walk their whole lives . . . but they’d never met.  So they got to talking, started dating, and now they’re in love.