Good News: Ice Storms, Dedicated Dogs, and the Northern Lights

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A one-year-old girl was trapped in a burning house in Detroit last week, and the family dog refused to leave without her.  The dog’s name is Blue.  She’s a pit bull-lab mix they rescued from a shelter two years ago.  Firefighters said she helped them find the baby, and everyone made it out okay.

2.  A bunch of cars got stuck on an off-ramp after an ice storm in Portland, Oregon last week.  And a random guy named Jon Gilbert helped them out.  He showed up in his SUV with tow straps after a friend called him . . . then ended up helping more than 20 other drivers too.  Some had been stuck there for hours.

3.  A cop in Atlanta was driving the other day, and happened to see a guy on a bike collapse.  So he got to him within seconds . . . did CPR . . . and the guy pulled through.  The cop’s chest-cam got the whole thing on video.

4.  Wouldn’t you want your pilot to do this?  An EasyJet flight from Iceland to the U.K. took a short detour on Monday, and did a full 360-degree turn . . . just so everyone on board got a chance to see the Northern Lights.