Good News: Home Same-Day Covid Tests Have Finally Arrived

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Home Covid tests have FINALLY started hitting stores like Walmart and CVS.  The kits cost $24 and you can use them to give yourself a test at home . . . and get the results that same day without having to send the test out for processing.

2.  A guy who works as a treasure hunter helped a family in Massachusetts search their home to find HIDDEN TREASURE.  He found a metal box under their floorboards that had been there since the ’50s . . . with $46,000 in cash inside.

3.  It looks like Americans who have been fully vaccinated against Covid will be able to travel to Europe again this summer.  The head of the E.U. says all of the countries should approve it soon.

4.  11 baby ducks fell into a storm drain in California last week . . . and an animal control officer managed to coax them to come out by playing mother duck sounds on her cell phone.

5.  We shouldn’t have to rely on GoFundMe for basic survival needs during a time of crisis . . . but since so many people DO, at least it IS helping.  Americans who were in need raised more than $100 million on GoFundMe last year . . . up 150% from 2019.