Good News: Gerber Babies, Golf Carts, and 101 Dalmatians

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The original Gerber Baby turned 95 over the weekend.  Her name is Ann Turner Cook.  She was chosen as the first Gerber Baby in 1928.

2.  For the first time in 66 years, Disney is using Black Santas in its Christmas parades at Disneyland and Disney World.

3.  A 69-year-old woman in Maine who’s been fighting covid just came out of a coma on the day she was supposed to be taken off life support.  She’d been on a ventilator for two months, and her family was already planning the funeral.  Her son says she wasn’t vaccinated, but wants to get the vaccine as soon as possible now.

4.  A woman in Wisconsin who loves Dalmatians got to have a “101 Dalmatians” party for her 101st birthday.  Her friends and family planned it.

5.  There’s a two-year-old girl in North Carolina named Sara who’s battling brain cancer.  And her favorite thing is to tool around in a golf cart her parents own . . . or USED to own until some jerk STOLE it last week.  But the story has a happy ending.

A random guy saw a story about it, and showed up to give them HIS OWN golf cart the next day.  Someone also started a GoFundMe campaign that’s raised over $10,000.  Her family plans to use some of it to pay off medical debt, and give the rest to charity.