Good News: Dads, Bees, and Lost Engagement Rings

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Last month, a woman in Denver lost the engagement ring her fiancé gave her before he passed away a while back.  So she was devasted.  But luckily, some dude found it in the mud . . . literally, his first name is Dude.  (???)

He’s a bartender named Dude Olguin.  (Ol-geen.)  He gave the ring back and refused a reward.  He said he just hopes they’re lifelong friends now.

The place where he works was actually her fiancé’s favorite bar, but they never met.  (Here’s a photo.)

2.  A dad in Orlando is going viral because he works early, so his kids are still asleep when he leaves the house.  But every day, he draws them each a picture for their lunch, just so they’ll think of him and know he’s thinking about them too.

3.  Bees die after they sting you, but apparently not always.  A beekeeper in St. Petersburg, Florida got stung . . . but then the bee changed its mind.  She posted a video of it on her finger, with its stinger still in her skin.  But she could tell it was trying to get loose.  So she didn’t panic, and it eventually flew off.