Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Some nurses at a hospital in Nashville gave a COVID patient an impromptu spa day.

2.  A woman recently got to see her brother with special needs for the first time in over a year, and it’s all on video.

3.  Someone in Arizona stole a four-year-old’s John Deere Power Wheel, so cops surprised him with a new one.

4.  A woman in Ohio who’s allergic to bees got stung ten times by yellow jackets, and her Amazon Echo saved her life.  Her husband wasn’t home, but he was able to use it to talk to their son and neighbor through the process of using an EpiPen.

5.  And if you haven’t seen this, it might be the best “good news” story of the month:  A kid in Kentucky named Walker Smallwood was a promising pitcher until he was diagnosed with bone cancer in his leg at 15 and couldn’t play baseball anymore.

The best news is that three years later, he’s in remission.  But even though he’ll never make the big leagues now, he wanted to pitch one last time.  So earlier this month, his coach let him start his first varsity game and planned to let him face a few batters.  And instead . . . he threw a complete game no-hitter.