Good News: Brave Kids, Runaway Cars, and an Undefeated Football Team

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A nine-year-old in Florida received an award for bravery after she fought off a guy who tried to steal her mom’s purse.  They were getting into their car outside a store this month, and he knocked the mom down.  So the daughter kept punching him in the head until he ran off, and there’s security footage of it.  Cops arrested the guy two days later.

2.  A woman in the Netherlands had a medical issue on the highway and passed out behind the wheel.  But her car kept going and was out of control.  So a random guy sacrificed his own car by pulling in front of her and hitting the brakes.  She suffered a few broken ribs, but survived.

3.  A family in Arizona got trapped in their house when a bunch of javelinas set up shop outside, which are basically like wild pigs.  (It’s pronounced have-uh-LEE-nuhs)  So the dad got creative and used his Tesla to get rid of them.  He used an app on his phone to back it up remotely and scare them away.

4.  An undefeated varsity football team in California is in the news, because all of the players are deaf.  They rely on sign language, and they’re 12 and 0 this year.

They hadn’t even had a winning record in any of the last seven years.  But if they win their next game on Saturday, it’ll be the first division title in ANY sport in the school’s 68-year history.