Good News: Boy Scouts, Cops, and Letting Go of Grudges

Here are a few more Good News stories making the rounds . . .

1.  Some NYPD cops saved an emotionally disturbed guy who was about to jump off a Staten Island Ferry this week.  The boat was in the middle of New York Harbor when he climbed out a window onto the side of it.

Two cops on the boat saw it happen and started trying to talk him down.  They also called for backup, and police boats showed up in case he jumped in.  A cop ended up grabbing him before he could though, and they got him some help.

2.  An 80-year-old guy in Idaho fell 60 feet while hiking this month, and got pretty banged up.  He broke his ankle and cracked a few vertebrae.  But he survived and is now recovering after a group of nearby Boy Scouts showed up to save him.  Here’s a fun coincidence too:  He actually used to be a Scoutmaster.

3.  A new poll found women feel more empowered than they used to.  93% said they’re “proud” to be a woman, and 77% said they feel more confident than they did ten years ago.

4.  Wanna be happier?  Stop holding onto those grudges.  A Harvard study found forgiveness leads to lower levels of anxiety and depression.