Good News: Blind Dogs, Used Cars, and Vietnam Vets

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A news outlet in Oregon did a story last Wednesday about a guy named Eric Akers who walked 33 miles to get to work after his car broke down.  It took six-and-a-half hours, and then he worked a full eight-hour shift.  But here’s the good news:  By Friday, he already had a new ride.

After a guy named Chris Arsenault heard about it, he and his wife decided to give Eric one of THEIR cars.  It’s an old 1997 Honda but still runs great.  Chris said he was impressed Eric still went to work, so he wanted to help him out.

2.  A Vietnam vet from Wisconsin named Gayle Seefluth recently passed away at age 76, and he didn’t have any family.  So dozens of complete strangers from all over the Midwest showed up to his funeral last Friday to pay their respects.

3.  A 13-year-old golden retriever wandered off in Alaska back on June 18th.  And she’s blind, so her owners feared the worst.  But then a construction crew just found her ALIVE last Tuesday.  She’d been gone three weeks and was in rough shape, but she’s back home and doing a lot better now.