Good News: Bad Traffic, Good Dogs, and Giant Beer Cans

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A doctor in India was on his way to a gallbladder surgery when he got stuck in traffic.  So he ditched his car and ran the last two miles to get there on time.

2.  A bunch of dog owners in England broke a world record for most dogs at an outdoor movie screening with 127 of them.  The movie was “101 Dalmatians”.

3.  Someone swimming in a river in Canada found a wedding ring that slipped off a guy’s finger 17 years ago.  And they got it back to him just in time for his 20th anniversary.

4.  A distance runner in New Zealand just ran a full marathon while dressed as a giant beer can.  He says bars and event businesses have had a rough couple years, so he wanted to pay tribute to them.  (Here’s a video.)