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Good News: a Teacher Hits the Road, Target Gives Bonuses, and a New Nasal Spray That Blocks COVID

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A sixth-grade teacher in Massachusetts couldn’t get fast enough internet at his home to do Zoom classes.  So he bought a small bus.  And he’s been teaching from it while he goes on “virtual field trips” to different places around the state.

2.  We heard about this guy last year, and now there’s an update:  A guy in England has been raising money-drawing bad pictures of people’s pets.  And he’s now raised over $70,000 for a homeless charity called Turning Tides.

3.  Target just announced its giving $200 MILLION in bonuses to its frontline workers.  Over 375,000 of them will get a bonus check for 500 bucks in the next week or so.

4.  Researchers in England say a new nasal spray they came up with can prevent you from getting the virus.  One ingredient attracts and captures the virus particles, and then another ingredient kills them.  You’d have to use it four times a day.  But the best part is you’ll be able to buy it over-the-counter, and it could be in stores by summer.

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