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Good News: A Guy Hit the Lottery the Same Day He Got Dumped, and Donations Pour in for a Restaurant Worker Who Saved a Kid

Credit: Warren-Pender via iStock by Getty Images

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  A guy in South Africa got dumped by his girlfriend.  And on the same day she moved out, he hit the lottery for $4 million.

2.  A teacher in Iowa started building desks for kids who didn’t have one at home.  Then he got 50 volunteers to help, and they’ve now built HUNDREDS of them.  They’ve done around 600 so far, and plan to make thousands more.

3.  Did you see this story last week?  A restaurant manager in Orlando realized an 11-year-old kid was being abused by his parents . . . flashed a note asking if he needed help . . . and called 911 when he said yes.  Now there’s an update:  After the story went viral, someone started a GoFundMe to thank her for it.  And it’s now raised $40,000.

4.  Last month, South Korea said it would order enough vaccines to cover NORTH KOREA too, if they needed it.  And it looks like they’re following through with that promise.  They just announced they’ll have 24 million extra doses, which is roughly the population of North Korea.  It’s not clear if Kim Jong-Un will take them up on the offer.

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