Good News: A CEO Handed Out $28 Million in Bonuses

Here are a few more good news stories making the rounds . . .

1.  The CEO of a national chain called Ruppert Landscape just surprised his employees with a very generous year-end bonus.  They recently partnered with an investment firm, which brought in a ton of money.  So he shared the wealth.

1,200 workers got checks for between $7,000 and 200 GRAND based on how long they’ve worked there.  The total amount handed out was $28 MILLION.  (Here’s a video of them finding out.  They open their envelopes at :40.)

2.  Remember Captain Tom Moore?  He’s the guy in England who raised millions for charity two years ago by walking back and forth in his yard for his 100th birthday.  And sadly, he passed away last year.

But he’s in the news again, because his family just launched a website called  It’s a place where anyone can share personal, uplifting stories.  Or you can just read other people’s stories.

3.  And speaking of England:  A bunch of kids there just built an 18-foot menorah for Hanukkah using 80,000 Legos.  It should set a new world record.