Yesterday we had a list of the worst breakfast foods if you’re trying to lose weight.  Now here are four of the BEST ones . . .

1.  Eggs.  They have more than 20 key nutrients.  And two eggs have about 12 grams of protein.  That’s important because it helps control your insulin levels.  When your insulin spikes, your body starts storing calories as fat.

2.  Greek yogurt.  It’s high-protein, low-calories.  Just make sure it doesn’t have any added sugar, then mix in some fruit and nuts.  Flavored yogurt doesn’t have as much protein.  And it might taste better, but only because there’s a ton of sugar in there.

3.  Protein smoothies.  They’re great as long as you use the right ingredients.  Some people overdo it and end up turning their “healthy” breakfast into a calorie bomb.  (Here are 20 healthy recipes you can try.)

4.  Baked beans. People in England have them for breakfast more than we do.  But they’re good because they give you an almost-perfect mix of carbs and protein.  Plus they’re quick and easy.  You can have them with toast, or even just on their own.

(NY Post)