Here are five things you should stop doing in the shower . . .

1.  Washing your face.  It’s easier and it saves time to wash your face when you’re already in the shower.  But the water that you shower in is usually hotter than washing your face at the sink, and the high temperature can make your skin dry out.

2.  Forgetting to wash your feet.  It’s not enough to just let the water and soap run down your feet.  You should scrub them as well.

3.  Not washing or replacing your loofah regularly.  Loofahs and sponges are breeding grounds for bacteria.  So they should be washed and air-dried regularly . . . and changed out a couple times a year.

4.  Leaving your razor in the shower.  Just like with your loofah, there are lots of nooks and crannies that make perfect spots for bacteria to hide.  And when your razor is sitting in a warm, wet environment in the shower each day, it’s even WORSE.

5.  Taking super hot showers.  Not only can it dry out your skin, but there’s a lot of research out there that shows that taking COLD showers can actually be beneficial to your health.

Even a quick blast of cold water can potentially improve your immune function, increase your metabolism, increase the amount of stress you can tolerate, and possibly help you lose weight.