A 17-year-old kid named Samuel Lethbridge left his parents’ house near Sydney, Australia on Sunday to go meet his girlfriend, but never showed.  And when he didn’t answer his phone, his parents got worried and reported him missing.

Unfortunately, the cops weren’t very helpful.  They said he probably just ran away, and told them to just wait for him at home.  But Samuel’s dad Tony knew he’d never run away.  So he took matters into his own hands.

He had a sinking feeling that Samuel crashed his car somewhere.  But the brush is so thick where they live, you’d never be able to see a car if it drove off the road.

So he went to a nearby airport with $1,000 in his pocket, and hired a helicopter pilot to go search for him.

Tony has a pretty bad fear of flying, so his brother went up in the helicopter.  And in less than ten minutes, he spotted Samuel’s car crashed on the side of the road, just like Tony thought.

He texted Tony and told him where it was.  Then Tony drove there and found Samuel seriously injured but ALIVE.  Rescuers had to cut him out of the car to save him.

He was severely dehydrated with a compound fracture to his femur, a fractured forearm, and an ankle injury.  But thanks to his dad, he should be okay.

(SMH.com.au / YouTube)