A 26-year-old couple in London named Ed and Heidi Savitt got married last summer after about six years of dating.  They originally met in college, or at least they THOUGHT they did.

After they’d been dating for about four years, they went out to dinner with both of their mothers.  And Heidi’s mom mentioned that it wasn’t the first time Heidi had fallen for a guy named Ed.

They went on vacation to Turkey when she was six years old.  And the whole time they were there, Heidi was obsessed with a six-year-old kid named Ed who was also on vacation with his family.

Then about two weeks after their dinner, Heidi’s mom was going through old photos in their attic . . . found a few from their vacation in 1997 . . . and it turned out it was the SAME Ed.

They didn’t even grow up in the same area or anything.  Their hometowns in England are about 200 miles apart.  They just happened to end up at the same resort in Turkey at the exact same time.

Heidi says she didn’t really believe in fate until her mom found those photos of them together as kids.  But she thinks it’s pretty clear they were destined to be together.

(Daily Mail / MSN)