An Arizona state trooper named Hank Roanhorse was driving home this month when he saw a car stopped on a set of train tracks near the New Mexico border.

He knew it was a busy section with a lot of trains.  So he was worried.  And when he stopped to check it out, he found a drunk guy PASSED OUT at the wheel.

He climbed into the car to get the guy’s seatbelt off.  And just then, a train started coming.

To make things even worse, the 56-year-old driver weighed almost 300 POUNDS.  And Hank isn’t a huge guy.

But he somehow managed to pull the driver out . . . dragged him away from the tracks . . . and got clear just SECONDS before the train hit.

It threw the car about 150 feet, but Hank and the driver are both okay.

After it happened, Hank says the guy looked at him and said, “Thank you, officer.  You just saved my life.”

(AZ Central)