This guy made a series of questionable decisions.  But it worked out for him, and now he’s a hero . . .

There’s a police officer in northern England named Mohammed Nadeem who hasn’t been a cop very long.  He’s still training and looks like he’s in his mid-20s.

On Saturday, he saw a guy fall into a freezing cold river.  And he was struggling to keep his head above water.  So without thinking, Mohammed jumped in to save him.

The only problem is HE’S not a strong swimmer either.  He actually says he “CAN’T swim.”  But he must have some skills, or this would have turned out differently.  He also jumped in with all his gear on, and that weight made it even harder.

But he somehow managed to stay afloat, and helped the guy to shore.  So they both made it out okay.

It’s not clear how deep the water was.  But the river was moving pretty fast.  There’s body cam footage of it, and it looks deep enough in the middle that they couldn’t touch the bottom.  Mohammed says he never thought about any of that, he just reacted.

And he has a new nickname now because of it.  He says everyone’s calling him “The Hoff” because of David Hasselhoff’s lifeguard character on “Baywatch”.