Check Out Some Weird, Random Possessions of Betty White’s That Are on the Auction Block

More than 1,600 of Betty White’s possessions are on the auction block from now until Sunday, and Buzzfeed made a list of some of the most RANDOM items.  Here’s a sample:

1.  A vintage RCA TV with a remote and an antenna on top.

2.  Betty’s Disney VHS collection.  Remember those chonky white clamshell boxes???

3.  Vintage leather baby shoes.

4.  A nun doll.  Nothing creepy about that.

5.  Betty’s board game collection.  Featuring the home edition of Password, of course, which was hosted by her late husband Allen Ludden.

6.  An oil panting of . . . Betty White from the 1950s.  It’s not clear if the PAINTING is from the ’50s, but it depicts Betty as she looked back then.

7.  Moon landing memorabilia.

8.  Betty’s wedding ring.

9.  A collection of cat jewelry.

10.  Betty’s bedroom door.

11.  A collection of animal figurines wearing sombreros.  (???)

12.  Two panda watches.

13.  Betty’s “Golden Girls” director’s chair.

14.  A framed picture of Betty with Bill Clinton.

15.  Betty’s 2000 Cadillac Seville.

(You can check out the rest here.)