Major League Baseball postponed its 25th game yesterday, and even though it seems like people complain about early season cancellations every year, 25 canceled games in just three weeks is a LOT.

Since 1986, there have been 25 weather-related postponements in the first month only one other time.  That was in 2007, when there were 26 overall . . . although one of those wasn’t weather-related . . . it was in response to the death of St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Josh Hancock.

But April is only half over right now.  There are still 12 days left . . . so there will probably be more cancelations, since there have been 14 in just the past six days.

The craziest postponement was a few days ago in Toronto.  They have a dome, but they had to cancel when falling ice PIERCED A HOLE IN THE ROOF.

The weather has been historically bad, even for games that were NOT canceled.  According to ESPN, there have been 22 games in the first three weeks that have started with a temperature below 40 degrees.

That’s already the most for an entire season since 2001.

Meanwhile, the Indians and the Twins played a game last night in Puerto Rico . . . even though the ENTIRE ISLAND didn’t have any power.  It was even broadcast on ESPN.

They had generators.  Because you need them for the important things, right?