A bunch of Major League Baseball players got moved this week ahead of the trade deadline.  And according to this, you can expect them to BRING IT the first time they get to face off against their old team . . .

A study found “revenge games” are a real thing.  Meaning pro athletes tend to play better against their former team.

Researchers looked at stats from the NBA, NHL, and six different soccer leagues.  And it might be true across all sports.

NBA and NHL stars both tended to take more shots than normal when playing against an old team, like they had something to prove.  It was especially true if they’d RECENTLY been traded.

There was an even bigger difference if their old team hadn’t given them much playing time.  And WHERE they played mattered too.  They tended to do better at their former venue, in front of their old fans.

The researchers think the effect might also hold true for other professions.  For example, if you leave your job to go work for a competitor, you might be extra motivated to do well and stick it to your old boss.

(Study Finds)