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Arby’s Is Selling Burgers for the First Time

It isn’t every day that Arby’s does something groundbreaking.  Which is why it’s been able to carve out such a comfortable niche in the bottom-half of America’s favorite fast food chains.

But now, Arby’s is adding a BURGER to the menu.  That may not seem groundbreaking . . . after all, Arby’s “has the meats” . . . but this is actually their FIRST-EVER burger.

It’s called the “Wagyu Steakhouse Burger,” and it costs $5.99.  For now, it’s a limited-time item . . . available now through July 31st.

Arby’s says it’s a blend of Wagyu beef and ground beef and will be the “highest-quality burger the market has seen yet.”  They say they spent more than two years developing the burger.  (For just a two-month run?  I’m guessing that if it’s half-decent, it’ll be back.)


(Speaking of burgers, Heinz is running an “Art of the Burger” art show competition.  Basically, they want you to design a perfect burger using their sauces . . . and then enter your artwork for a chance to win $25,000.)

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