When you start HATING your family over the holidays, just remember that even if they get on your nerves, you’re lucky to have them . . .

Genevieve Purinton is 88 years old.  She lives in Tampa, never raised any kids, and all eight of her siblings have passed away.  So she’s been on her own for a while now.

She did have a baby when she was 18, but gave it up for adoption.  And her doctors told her the baby DIED at birth.  But she recently found out they were just trying to make the adoption EASIER on her . . . and it wasn’t actually true.

Connie Moultroup is now 69 years old and lives in Vermont.  Despite what the doctors told Genevieve, she survived the birth . . . was put up for adoption . . . and grew up in southern California.

Last Christmas, Connie got an Ancestry DNA kit as a gift, and recently found out Genevieve was her biological mom.  And last week, they got to meet each other for the very first time.

The whole reunion was pretty emotional, and there were a LOT of tears.

Genevieve went 69 years thinking her only child died at birth.  But it turns out she has a daughter, a granddaughter, and two GREAT-grandchildren.

(Fox13 / NBC News)