Most of us think of learning as something we HAVE to do to get a better job, and make more money.  But we SHOULD think of it as something we GET to do.

There’s a woman near Dallas named Janet Fein.  And she’s about to graduate from college this week at the age of EIGHTY-FOUR.

She retired from her job as a secretary in 2012, and didn’t know what to do with herself.  But she says playing BINGO every night was too boring for her.

So she signed up for classes at the University of Texas, with a major in sociology.  And she never gave up on it.

She had to start using a walker a few years ago . . . has an oxygen tank now . . . and recently moved into an assisted-living center.

But she stayed in school the whole time, and now has a bachelor’s degree in sociology to show for it.  Her commencement ceremony is tomorrow morning.

One of the caregivers at her senior center is a woman named Renee Brown.  And the whole thing has inspired HER to do the same thing.  At 53, she’s heading back to school to become a licensed nurse.