We’ve seen lots of stories about people donating kidneys to friends.  But donating to a RANDOM person is another level of nice . . .

A lady in northern California named Char Rostomily recently got tested to see if she could donate to her adult daughter, Nikki.  And they weren’t a match, but Nikki ended up getting a kidney from someone else.

Then later on, Char was still inspired to donate.  So she signed up to give one of her kidneys to someone totally random.  She didn’t even get their name.

But then on the day of the surgery back in April, her grandkids were telling their friends from school about it.

And it turned out their friends’ grandfather was the RECIPIENT.  And he’s also one of Char’s NEIGHBORS.

His name is Richard Green, and they’d never met before.  But she’d gone on field trips with his grandkids.  And one of Char’s daughters teaches at their school.

She says she only donated as a way of giving back after her daughter got a kidney.  But now the two families feel like they’re bonded for life.  And she’d be thrilled if the story inspires even one other person to become a living donor.